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Top Rated Surge Protector

Belkin 8-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with Phone/Coaxial Protection and Extended Cord

This Belkin Home/Office Series Surge Protector provides premium power protection for both home and professional workstations, and all connected devices.

Product Comparisons
  • “The 12 outlets are perfectly spaced to allow you to plug in a ton of devices even if those devices have large power adapters.” – J McK
  • “Voltage spikes can damage sensitive electronic equipment like televisions or computers, so having surge suppression protection is a good precaution.” – trebe
  • “The extension cord is nice and long.” – AK529

Belkin 8 Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with Telephone Protection

This Belkin Home/Office Series Surge Protector provides premium power protection for both home and professional workstations, and all connected devices.

Expert Advice
  • “The outlets are spaced so that several transformers fit without covering or rubbing against other plugs.” – Nx Phaze
  • “I’ve been told it is best to have a surge protector of more than 3200 Joules to reasonably protect electronic equipment from lightning strikes.” – M. S. Lange
  • “Has a nice long cord.” – Jennifer

Belkin Conserve Insight Energy-Use Monitor

Get Informed: Find out how much energy your devices really use. The Conserve Insight Energy Use Monitor empowers you to understand the true impact of your energy use on your electric bill – and on the environment.

Product Ratings
  • “This switched outlet fits into a plug without blocking the other outlet and when it is on the switch glows green.” – W. C. Kleist
  • “I have used these for: clothes iron, curling iron, dust buster, room fan, space heater, cell phone and laptop charger, and more.” – Allyson
  • “The product saves energy by not leaving devices drawing power longer than necessary.” – ld

Belkin 7-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with 12 feet Cord

Belkin BE107200-12 7-Outlet 12-Foot 2160 Joule Home/Office Surge Protector

Consumer Reviews
  • “Good quality product, it’s a surge protector; working well so far.” – CJ
  • “The 12 foot cord is perfect and the outlet fits all kinds of plugs, even the big boxy ones.” – R. Howard
  • “It does have a minor defect in that there are little covers that are supposed to slide across the outlets when not in use, but they don’t slide – they just pop out.” – jamie

Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports, 5 Charging Outlets Total (1 AMP / 5 Watt)

Hotel rooms and airport terminals never seem to have enough power outlets to charge all the devices today’s traveler brings along. Now you can add outlets and peace of mind on business trips and vacations with the Belkin Mini Surge Protector.

Product Research
  • “No issue when charging my iPad and iPhone using the USB ports.” – Dr. Jason C. Chenault
  • “Just what I have been needing for travel–small enough to pack easily in my laptop’s bag and very easy to use.” – soazsun
  • “The two USB ports are a great addition and the actual plug can rotate so that this device can fit into almost any space or wall outlet arrangement.” – Bryan Amerling

Tripp Lite TLP606 Surge Protector Strip 120V 6 Outlet 6ft Cord 790 Joule
Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite’s TLP606 offers economical AC surge suppression for protection of workstations desktop PCs tele systems and other sensitive electronics. Built-in AC surge suppression shields connected equipment from damage and performance problems due to transient surges.

Product Reviews
  • “The cord is a nice thick gauge.” – Alex F
  • “This surge protector works like intended and does a excellent job protecting your equipment.” – Gary Parlato
  • “Love the transformer plug at the end of the strip so you don’t block an outlet because the transformer (power adapter) over hangs the next outlet.” – Czosnek

Belkin SurgeMaster 6 Outlet Wall-Mount Surge Protector

Belkin F9H620-CW 6-Outlet 1045 Joule energy rating provides maximum protection Wall Mount Home Series

Expert Advice
  • “Very easy to install – just remove the center screw from your existing plate, leave the plate there, and plug this in and tighten the attached screw.” – A reviewer in FL
  • “I have two older belkins just like this and they have worked just fine now for 7 and 3 years……” – okiedan
  • “I can’t attest to the surge protection.” – Molivia

Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector 2-Pack with 2 feet cord

Belkin (F5C048-2) 6-Outlet Surge Protector 2-Pack with 2ft cord

Product Research
  • “It’s a pretty basic product but I will never doubt Belkin when buying and sort of outlet.” – Mike
  • “Works really well & we haven’t had any problem with power surges at all since we’ve had them.” – seashore6
  • “It is great for Belkin 6 Outlet Surge Protector 2-Pack with 2 feet cord.” – M. Lee

Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Surge Protector with Rotating Plug (8 Feet)

This Belkin Home/Office 6-Outlets Surge Suppressor provides premium power protection for small home appliances, and other connected devices. Our decades of research and development have led us to the release of this breakthrough series.

Consumer Reports
  • “Nice long cord.” – Jessi
  • “We bought this over a month ago, and as I would have expected it works fine.” – Vincent Mazza
  • “The plug rotates 360 degrees (which is great because my outlets are upside-down!)” – ajb

RCA PSWTS6R Wall Tap Surge Protector with 6 Swivel Outlets

The RCA Swivel Surge Protector not only keeps your valuable electronics safe from damaging power surges, it also cleans up the mess of power cords surrounding most floor surges or power strips.

Surge Protector Reviews
  • “Looks neat and furniture can now sit flat against the wall without damage to cords or furniture What a GREAT idea!” – Jitty Kitty Closet, Inc – Jitt…
  • “Swivel sides have 3 outlets each with enough room so you can plug in converter boxes.” – paoniabees
  • “My only gripe was that if I pulled the cable out from the RCA PSWTS6R, entire unit came off from the wall outlet.” – Y. Kim

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